Little things always matter. Everything that seems unnatural is probably part of the path you will have to walk in order to get out.


Do not waste time! Proceed, try. When one thing does not work one way, don’t hesitate to try another.


One or other seemingly unnecessary object can be used in a manner other than its purpose. Be creative. Follow the clues, think and solve.


More brains think faster and better. Good communication is the key. Some tasks require at least 2 players.


LostRooms is placed in the center of Sofia. The address is: 53 Han Asparuh Str. It’s in the area between Boulevard G.S Rakovski and Angel Kanchev. The room is located on the ground floor.


Escape rooms are suitable kind of entertainment for many people. No matter whether you are 17 or 57 years, this is a game – like chess. Everyone can play it as long as he is willing to think.


Each escape room has a different theme. The experience is always unique. You may find yourself in a fabulous, fantastic or frightening world, in prison, airplane, in the sky or underground.